A look back at Bugles' most iconic flavors through the decades

From General Mills’ first snack brand to an array of flavors, discover how Bugles has evolved over the last 60 years.
Image of opened boxes of original Bugles, Ranch Bugles, and Nacho Cheese Bugles on a white surface with a red bowl of overflowing bugles in front.

As Bugles celebrates its 60th anniversary, the brand that catapulted General Mills into the snack food category continues to capture the hearts and taste buds of fans nationwide. Discover the rich history behind the beloved horn-shaped snack as we take a look at the brand’s most iconic flavors.

1964: The Original Bugles

In 1964, Bugles made its debut alongside two other shaped snacks — Whistles and Daisy*s — as the first snack brands from General Mills. While Whistles and Daisy*s didn't withstand the test of time, Bugles’ crispy, salty, roasted corn flavor and unique horn-shape became an instant hit, inspiring a new wave of snacking.

1984: Nacho Cheese

Twenty years later, the brand introduced its first flavored Bugle, Nacho Cheese. Made with real Romano and Cheddar cheeses, the salty snack brought a whole new dimension of crunch to the table. Nacho Cheese Bugles remain a core flavor available today.

1990s: An Era of Flavor Begins

Bugles didn't stop at just one flavor. The 1990s marked the beginning of a flavor evolution. Bugles launched three popular savory flavors: Ranch (1991), Sour Cream & Onion (1994) and a limited run of Smokin’ BBQ Bugles (1997).

During this time, Bugles decided to ditch the box and rolled out new foil bag packaging in 1998, giving the brand a new appeal on shelves nationwide.

1999–2004: The Chile Craze

Always innovating, Bugles rolled out a trio of zesty flavors to capitalize on the Tex-Mex trend, including Chile con Queso (1999), Chili Cheese (2003) and Salsa Bugles (2003).

2005–2010: Sweet Surprises

But Bugles didn't stop at savory flavors. In 2005, fans were surprised with limited-edition Churros-style Bugles, a sweet twist on the classic snack. This was just the beginning of Bugles’ foray into the new Sweet & Salty line that appealed to a wider range of taste preferences.

In the early 2000s, the line grew to include rich, indulgent flavors like Caramel (2006), Chocolate Peanut Butter (2009), and Caramel and Cheddar (2010). Of the three, the Caramel Bugles flavor was by far the most popular and was added as a mainstay, making it available on shelves year-round.

2010–2018: Bold & Spicy

Born out of the extreme flavor craze at the time, bold and spicy flavors like Hot Buffalo (2010), Jalapeño Cheddar (2014) and Hot & Spicy Bugles (2018) added a little heat to every satisfying crunch.

Upholding a Legacy

Bugles continues to keep snack lovers on their toes with their latest flavor innovations that bring cherished brands together for the ultimate snacking experience. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bugles blasted with the iconic Cinnadust was made for Sweet & Salty enthusiasts, while savory aficionados can rejoice in the upgraded crunch of a beloved classic, Hidden Valley Ranch Bugles.

From its humble beginnings to its status as a beloved household snack for kids and grown-ups alike, Bugles are as satisfying to crunch as they are fun to snack on. Visit bugles.com to see the array of flavors for every taste bud.