Carbe Diem: The pasta revolution you’ve been waiting for

With 55% fewer net carbs,* you can “seize your pasta” and enjoy the recipes you love again.
Carbe Diem pasta

Are you tired of sacrificing flavor and texture in your quest to meet your wellness goals? Look no further than Carbe Diem, the pasta brand that's rewriting the rules of indulgence. In a world where health-conscious consumers often feel they must sacrifice taste for nutrition, Carbe Diem is here to prove that you can indeed have your delicious pasta and stay on track to meet your wellness goals.

An Innovative Pasta Solution

Consumers often share that traditional pasta substitutes like veggies or non-wheat-based options fall short in delivering the taste and texture consumers crave. Carbe Diem recognized this gap in the market and set out to create a "zero compromise" pasta experience that redefines what it means to eat well.

Carbe Diem has an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional taste in its 100% wheat-based pasta. Their pasta products offer an impressive 55% fewer net carbs* and higher fiber compared to the leading traditional pasta brand, with 110 calories per serving.

With a diverse range of five pasta products — elbows, rotini, penne, fettuccine, spaghetti — Carbe Diem caters to carb-conscious consumers seeking options with the taste and texture of traditional wheat-based pasta.

Founded by three passionate individuals on a mission to revolutionize pasta, Carbe Diem understands the frustration of pasta enthusiasts who have been disappointed by existing alternatives.

“For so many people, their dietary needs hold them back from enjoying the full comfort and satisfaction of the foods they love,” said Katey Alden, cofounder, Carbe Diem. “The cofounder team quickly figured out we needed to tackle this challenge and bring the joy of pasta back, without a taste trade-off.”

The Power of G-Works

Carbe Diem is the newest addition to G-Works, General Mills' corporate venture studio. The brand is a testament to General Mills’ commitment to making food the world loves, through both the brands you know and new-to-world solutions that deliver joy for consumers.

“Carbe Diem's entrepreneurial spirit is a prime example of G-Works doing what we do best — tackling today’s consumer problems through innovation,” said Sidd Singhal, director, G-Works, General Mills. "Carbe Diem is a perfect solution for consumers looking to stick to their wellness goals while still enjoying their favorite pasta dishes.”

Ready to experience the pasta revolution for yourself? Find Carbe Diem at and Amazon shipping to all 50 states in the U.S. Follow Carbe Diem on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

*Carbe Diem: 16g Net Carbs = 40g Carbohydrates-24g Dietary Fiber
Leading Pasta Brand: 39g Net Carbs = 42 Carbohydrates-3g Dietary Fiber