Doolies' kid snacks help little tummies move

Doolies snacks can provide the digestive system with ingredients it needs to thrive and helps children maintain regular bowel movements. 
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Solving a real parent problem

Looking for a delicious way to help with occasional kid constipation? Doolies crafts fruit-forward snacks to help your kid go #2 with ease. 

Occasional kid constipation is a growing problem for today’s parents. According to consumer research on chronic constipation in infants and children, 30% of kids in the U.S. suffer from occasional constipation. [1] 

Parents are hoping to solve this problem through intuitive foods and ingredients that can help support a healthy digestive system. On top of that, they need their children to actually eat these ingredients.  

Doolies was created to sit at the crossroads of efficacy and kid delight. 

“We know that this product only works if kids eat it, so getting kids’ stamp of approval on this product was key,” says Rachel Crow, co-founder of Doolies.  

Doolies offers two kid-pleasing formats: a Fruit Filled Bar and Cashew Fruit & Nut Bites. Both snacks combine fiber (psyllium husk) and real fruits like prunes, pears, apples and more.  

What are psyllium and p-fruits?

Psyllium is a form of naturally occurring fiber mainly used as a viscous, soluble dietary fiber that soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movements much easier by adding bulk to the stool. It can also be added to your diet to promote regularity and improve occasional constipation. 

P-fruits, like prunes and pears, also contain several compounds that may help improve digestion, including fiber, sorbitol and fructose. 

“Pleasing kids, particularly picky eaters, is no easy task as many parents would attest,” says Michael Skinner, Doolies co-founder. “That’s why we conducted many taste tests and efficacy studies to ensure our product would strike that right balance between functionality and taste appeal.” 

Doolies was founded by three parents, who, like their consumers, believe the best way to help children live a better life is through the food they eat.  

“As parents, we have each lived through the painful experience of dealing with constipated kids across different life stages, so solving this problem for other parents is important to each of us, individually and collectively,” says Glory Alcantara, Doolies co-founder. 

A product of innovation 

Doolies is the second brand to launch from G-Works, General Mills’ corporate venture studio. G-Works uses a test and learn model to validate new business opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset.  

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