Ready, Aim, Zorch! Chex Quest is back

Chex Mix is relaunching Chex Quest HD, a new, high definition version of the 1996 cult classic.
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Return of the snack-tacular ‘90s video game

Fully remastered, Chex Quest is available for free on the online gaming platform STEAM, and features several upgrades, including split-screen multiplayer mode, five new playable members and high-definition graphics.

“Chex Quest was a huge hit in the ‘90s when it launched as a CD-ROM game in Chex cereal boxes,” says Charis Wilson, assistant manager, Brand Experience at General Mills. “Since its original release, fans have been asking for us to bring it back. We know that gaming is popular among our Chex Mix fans, so it felt like a natural fit to have the brand step in and relaunch Chex Quest.”

Before the official relaunch, a team of volunteer developers, who helped create the original Chex Quest, spent more than 20 years updating the game for Chex Quest fans.

This inspired the Chex Mix team to partner with the original game designers, including Andrew Benson, the original composer and Chuck Jacobi, art director and level designer. Together they teamed up with Flight School Studios to remaster the game with cinematics and multiplayer capabilities.

“Chex Quest games are fun for me to circle back to and dabble in as hobby,” says Jacobi. “I have always enjoyed the silly world of Chex Quest and I hope fans of the original game will feel a sense of nostalgia with this new edition.”

The game also features pop culture references from the '90s.

“We’ve tapped into a lot of historically important people from the ‘80s and ‘90s to participate,” says Alex Colvin, senior manager, Brand Experience at General Mills. “We have voices from the original Ninja Turtles cartoon and artists who worked on Mega Man and Tetris.”

While the game features modern additions, the team worked hard to stay true to what fans love most about the original.

“Our goal was to bottle some of the love that the original game had,” says Colvin. “Perhaps the biggest difference is the addition of the Chex Mix Squadron, five new players based on the Chex Mix pieces.”

The players include Fred Chexter (Corn Chex), Wheatney Chexworth (Wheat Chex), Dr. O Ryen (Rye Chip), P.R.E.T.Z.L (Square Pretzel), NaCI96 (Round Pretzel), and Shane ‘The Dread’ McBread (Breadstick) battling the evil Flemoids.

Chex Quest is now available for free download on STEAM.

Unlock new multiplayer mode and playable Chex Mix characters through unique codes found on specially marked bags of Chex Mix packaging, Chex Mix Instagram or at