mar. 03, 2021
News Release

Betty Crocker partners with Barbie Dream Gap Project to empower girls to realize their limitless potential

In Celebration of International Women’s Day, Betty Crocker unveils the BettyLab to inspire connection, experimentation and innovation.
Betty Crocker Betty Lab barbies

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - Driven by the belief that the kitchen is the original lab, where culinary science and personal expression fuel confidence and creativity in all makers, Betty Crocker introduces the BettyLab. Through this platform, Betty Crocker, along with a number of innovative partners, will offer resources, ideas and inspiration for people to learn and explore in their own kitchens. For its first initiative, Betty Crocker is partnering with Barbie and the brand’s Dream Gap Project initiative, another cultural icon that shares a commitment to helping children reach for the stars.

“We believe the kitchen is more than a room and baking is just the beginning,” said Stephanie Lensing, Brand Experience Manager, Betty Crocker. “We created BettyLab so that every ‘Betty’ can use their kitchen and the resources they have to unlock new possibilities and potential.”

Betty Crocker x The Barbie Dream Gap Project

By age 5, many girls stop believing they can be anything they want to be - the time of this drop in confidence is called the Dream Gap. In 2018, Barbie launched the Barbie Dream Gap Project as a global initiative to give girls the resources and support they need to continue believing in themselves. Now, along with a $100,000 donation that the brand will be making, Betty Crocker is working with the Barbie™ Dream Gap Project initiative to help inspire all parents to build girls’ confidence in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and beyond through the power of baking and culinary science. To draw attention to this important cause, it is introducing a special edition Betty Crocker + Barbie Dream Gap Project “Baking Better Futures” cake mix that is available at retailers for a limited time.

“As a purpose-driven brand, Barbie is committed to reminding girls across the globe and those around them that they can do anything,” said Diane Reichenberger, vice president of Consumer Products, Mattel. “Together, Barbie and Betty Crocker can inspire the limitless potential in every girl by making learning even more fun and by dedicating resources to remove barriers for the next generation.”

Betty Crocker x BettyLab

Families can venture to for accessible STEM-fueled fun in the kitchen. Beginning on March 8, International Women’s Day, the hub will feature step-by-step tutorials to make Rock Candy, Ice Cream in a Bag, S’more Cake in a Slow Cooker, Soda Pop Cupcakes and more. Best of all, BettyLab explains the chemistry behind each edible creation and deliciously baked treat! Share your baking experiences and culinary science experiments on social using #BettyAndBarbie.