abr. 16, 2024
News Release

General Mills Unveils Limited-Edition, Collectible Cereal Boxes Featuring Gen Z Icons TOMORROW X TOGETHER

For their cereal box debut, members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER are featured alongside iconic General Mills cereal characters and appear as cutout standees on each box.
Special-edition TXT cereal boxes

General Mills has joined TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, in a harmonious partnership to bring the refreshing energy of Gen Z’s most iconic band to your breakfast table. Together they're releasing special-edition TXT cereal boxes with General Mills’ iconic brands, featuring cutout standees so TXT fans can have a free-standing display of each band member to add to their memorabilia collection and celebrate the group's recent 6th Mini Album minisode 3: TOMORROW release.

Cereal enthusiasts and TXT fans, affectionately known as MOA (which stands for "moments of alwaysness,") are in for a treat as each of the five members is featured individually alongside a beloved General Mills’ brand mascot across fan-favorites like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, Trix and Honey Nut Cheerios. From the Silly Rabbit to the Cookie Crisp Wolf, it’s a meeting of two iconic groups, bringing the ultimate star power and vibrant world of K-pop straight to your cereal box.

The TXT band members are thrilled to connect their love of cereal to their fans through this General Mills partnership:

  • SOOBIN, featured on Trix: "What I love about the collaboration with General Mills is the unique and adorable characters of each cereal. My favorite is the Silly Rabbit from Trix. I think it's a great match for me!"
  • HUENINGKAI, featured on Cinnamon Toast Crunch: "I think MOA will be delighted to see us featured in the General Mills packages on the store shelves! I hope everyone starts their day energetically with TXT limited edition cereals."
  • YEONJUN, featured on Cookie Crisp: "I'm excited about the collaboration because General Mills is a brand that everyone can enjoy together. I hope many people will like the TXT limited edition, too!"

Additionally, BEOMGYU is featured on Lucky Charms, TAEHYUN on Honey Nut Cheerios, and a TXT group photo can be found exclusively in Walmart stores on REESE’S PUFFS boxes.

Don't miss your chance to collect these limited-edition TXT cereal boxes and add a touch of TXT magic to your mornings! To learn more, visit GeneralMills.com and follow @generalmills on socials at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.