feb. 20, 2024
News Release

Lucky the Leprechaun is Missing and Teasing Fans in Minneapolis, Miami and Los Angeles!

Help catch him before St. Patrick’s Day with the leprechaun traps on the back of limited-edition boxes of Lucky charms, as well as new “Mouse Trap” -inspired board game
Lucky first left behind magical clues after ice fishing in Minneapolis after leaving his cereal box.

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and our favorite leprechaun is nowhere to be found! For the first time, Lucky has taken his mischievous tricks to the next level and used his charms’ powers to disappear from limited-edition boxes of the magically delicious cereal. In an effort to catch the popular leprechaun, Lucky Charms is releasing a line-up of trap-inspired fun to help cereal lovers bring Lucky back to his box.

To encourage families to hone their trapping skills in advance of March 17, Lucky Charms and Hasbro have teamed up to launch “Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap.” Available exclusively at Shop.LuckyCharms.com, the new board game is a magical version of the family classic “Mouse Trap.” And to prep for the big day, each limited-edition cereal box from which Lucky has gone missing also includes a trap that you can cut out and use to try to catch your very own leprechaun. Collect all four unique versions, or DIY your own custom builds to create the ultimate leprechaun snare. Of course, no St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without a bowl of the returning fan favorite Green Milk Turn Lucky Charms with clover marshmallows that turn your milk a festive green.