ago. 15, 2022
News Release

Oui by Yoplait teams up with Hello Sunshine and “Find Your Unicorn Space” author Eve Rodsky to encourage women to "Say Oui!” to intentional living

Multi-year partnership launches as brand “Says Oui” to newly renovated product featuring more fruit and creamy texture.
Oui by Yoplait promo graphic with Reese Witherspoon and Eve Rodsky

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Oui by Yoplait is encouraging women to “Say Oui” or say yes to themselves and engage in acts of intention through a new partnership with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine and "Fair Play” and “Find Your Unicorn Space” best-selling author Eve Rodsky. Together, the three have released “Say Oui to Me,” a three-part video series in which Rodsky meets and invites women to find their “Unicorn Space” – the personal time to prioritize the interests that make them uniquely them. 

“What makes us interesting isn’t just a luxury,” Rodsky said in “Find Your Unicorn Space.” “The research is clear that it’s a necessity for our mental health, our physical well-being, and our very sense of self.”

That’s why Oui by Yoplait is on a mission to encourage women to be intentional about taking the time to refocus and reprioritize amidst their busy lives as well as foster creative expression. Together in the new video series, Oui by Yoplait and Hello Sunshine are helping three women at different stages in their Unicorn Space journeys including:   

  • Tonia: After reading “Find Your Unicorn Space,” Tonia learns that she is in control of how she “Says Oui” to herself. Tonia unlocks her mindset on the positives of being a stay-at-home mom, which allows her to work on her passion of painting while her daughter creates next to her. 
  • Natalie: After many years of dancing, Natalie discovers that creative expression is a must have to “Say Oui” to herself. She learns that ballroom dancing gives her the exhilaration to stay hopeful and optimistic in her every day. 
  • Rachel: Rachel lives her life with the “Say Oui” mindset to new experiences and opportunities. After some inner reflection to find her Unicorn Space, Rachel chooses the outdoors and tries rock climbing.

In addition to the video series, the multi-year partnership with Hello Sunshine and Rodsky includes digital giveaways, virtual workshops, and exciting product news in the coming months.

“I am so excited that Hello Sunshine is partnering with Oui by Yoplait to encourage women everywhere to prioritize their own self-expression. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to carve out time to make space for yourself,” Witherspoon said. “This partnership and video series are so important as they will inspire women to find their creative passions and say ‘yes’ to themselves every day.”

“Find Your Unicorn Space is all about finding joy in life and investing in creative expression,” said Rodsky. “I love that Oui by Yoplait believes in the journey toward intentional living, and I look forward to working with them to invite others to do the same.”

In addition to the Hello Sunshine partnership, Oui by Yoplait has also recently updated its recipes. The fruit-on-bottom whole milk yogurt flavors the brand is known for now include 20 percent more fruit and the delicious creamy texture fans love. The new recipe is accompanied by new packaging, reflecting the same “Say Oui” approach celebrated with the Hello Sunshine and Rodsky partnership. 

“When you ‘Say Oui’ to living intentionally, even in the midst, it can be life changing. It’s a beautiful feeling, whether we slow down for a bite of delicious Oui by Yoplait yogurt, or lean into a creative passion that has stayed tucked away for too long. We are so happy to partner with Hello Sunshine to show more women how to make it a reality,” said Courtney Hamacher, Vice President, Dairy Business Unit at General Mills. “We’re also thrilled that our consumers can ‘Say Oui’ to our updated yogurt with more fruit - giving them more of what they love about Oui by Yoplait.” 

To watch the videos, please visit Fans can purchase Oui by Yoplait at grocery stores nationwide.