ago. 05, 2021
News Release

Pillsbury serves up six new easy-to-make products, including Monkey Bread and Mini Cinni Stix

The iconic brand continues to innovate with offerings that make home baking easy and affordable.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - As we return to normal routines and busy schedules, Pillsbury is helping create special moments with the introduction of six new products that provide convenient, home-baked shortcuts to bring families together in the kitchen and around the dinner table.

The exciting lineup includes two Pull-Apart Bread Kits, Mini Cinni Stix, Mini Pizza Crusts and snack-size edible Cookie Dough Poppins, which are ready to eat straight out of the package. Whether you are looking for a quick hack to the latest bread making craze or a fun DIY pizza night in, these products are sure to be a hit with the whole family.

- Monkey Bread and Garlic Bread Pull-Apart Kits: These pull-apart bread kits are ready-to-bake with pre-cut dough and sauce pouches, making it easier than ever to wow family and friends at your next brunch or dinner gathering.

- Mini Cinni Stix: Great for little and big hands alike, the new Mini Cinni Stix can be enjoyed from morning to night as a portable breakfast option, ultimate pizza night breadstick pairing or simple weeknight dessert.

- Mini Pizza Crusts: Just add your favorite pizza toppings and dinner is served. With endless customization opportunities, the mini crusts provide a fun way to get creative and serve as an alternative to the standard pizza night carryout.

- Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Poppins: These poppable, resealable and safe-to-eat cookie dough bites are the perfect dessert toppers or anytime snack. The Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor brings the nostalgia of eating cookie dough straight from the bowl, while the Birthday Cake flavor creates a fun birthday treat, making it easy to recreate any missed birthday celebration.