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Blue Buffalo finds unique ways to welcome new talent

The Richmond, Indiana Blue Buffalo manufacturing team welcomed three recent high school graduates with a unique “signing ceremony.”
Blue Buffalo manufacturing employees signing

Attracting talent 

Our Richmond, Indiana Pet plant is working in new ways to attract and hire talent to bring fresh energy, different perspectives and unique skills to the manufacturing team.   

Earlier this year, the Blue Buffalo Human Resources recruitment team in Richmond hosted a booth at the local high school hiring fair sponsored by the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce. They were in search of high school seniors interested in starting a career in manufacturing following graduation.  

Over 100 high school seniors attended, resulting in three new hires that we are excited to welcome to the Blue Buffalo team. 

The signing ceremony  

To drive excitement and recognize these new hires, the HR team partnered with the local Chamber to set up a “signing ceremony,” similar to student athletes who have signing ceremonies when they commit to a college.   

“In the final week of their high school careers, when some of their peers are putting on a hat representing the college they’re going to or sports team they’ll be playing for, we wanted to do the same for the students starting their career in manufacturing,” says Chris Campbell, Human Resources manager, Blue Buffalo.   

Blue Buffalo employees, teammates, high school teachers, family and friends celebrated these students for making the decision to enter the workforce full-time post-graduation in manufacturing.