Giving back

Employee nonprofit fights bias with books

A group of employees are helping to reduce unconscious bias, one children’s book at a time, through the nonprofit, Looking Glass Books.
Looking Glass Books children's books

Making an impact

The tragic killing of George Floyd in 2020, in our global headquarters hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, inspired a group of General Mills employees to make a difference.

And they’re doing it through books.

After Floyd’s death, Alli Hearne – Senior Solutions Manager at General Mills – began searching for a way to talk to her children about racism, expose them to people of different backgrounds and ultimately reduce unconscious bias in the next generation.

“I was really emotionally affected. And it happened here in our community - and it just felt very real. I could no longer just stand by – I needed to step up and take action for racial justice,” says Hearne.

Discovering that there are more children’s books published each year that feature animals than people of color, Hearne came up with the idea of starting a nonprofit to fund the free book program – “Looking Glass Books.”