La vida en General Mills

How trained food tasters help us make food the world loves

Getting paid to taste General Mills products? Now there’s a dream job!

Human data machines

Many would agree, the idea of sampling Gushers, snacking on Nature Valley granola bars and trying out the newest flavor of Yoplait yogurt sounds like the kind of thing you’d do for free.

But as it turns out, the job of a food taster is more technical than it sounds.

General Mills employs food tasters who sample our products for a living, and these trained professionals provide data about our food that no machine could ever replicate.

According to Terese Tamminen, senior scientist in our Innovation, Technology and Quality group, these “human data machines” provide analysis on our products that is essential to understanding how consumers experience our food.

And it plays a key role in achieving our mission to Serve the World by Making Food The World Loves.