Liberté Kefir bottles to the rescue

Some of our Liberté Kefir bottles are now serving an added purpose near our Saint-Hyacinthe plant in Québec, Canada, due to the pandemic.

A force for good in our community

They’re now holding hand sanitizer, a precious commodity that’s been in high demand since the spread of COVID-19.

When Saint-Hyacinthe plant manager, Sylvain Jeanson, heard through social media that a nearby gin distillery, La Chaufferie Distillerie in Granby, Québec, was converting their operations over to making hand sanitizer, he saw a way for General Mills to help.

“When I watched the video posted by the La Chaufferie Distillerie on a social network, they said their first intention was to help the local community in Granby and Saint-Hyacinthe,” says Sylvain. “Demand for the sanitizer was increasing, but they had an issue getting bottles or any receptacle for distribution.”

Sylvain made a call to the head distiller to offer up a much-needed supply of 400 1-liter Liberté Kefir bottles per week till the end of this crisis, to support their production of the disinfectant.