The future of fashion is bright: shining a spotlight on Black fashion creators

Gushers’ Black Voices Create program amplifies three up-and-coming fashion designers.

Designers Sainabou Lowe, Dale Horton and Camryn McClain

Internet slang, dance trends, popular music, and fashion aesthetics – many of these originated from Black creators yet their contributions have often remained obscured and undervalued.

Launched in 2020, Gushers’ Black Voices Create program is designed to spotlight, celebrate and uplift talented Black creators with the goal to close the value gap in the space by providing access, exposure and financial compensation.

This year, Gushers is teaming up with premier streetwear publication HYPEBEAST to spotlight up-and-coming Gen Z fashion designers whose art is breaking conventions while uniquely expressing their individual experiences.

Meet the designers we’re gushing about

Three rising designers, Sainabou Lowe, Dale Horton and Camryn McClain, the respective creators behind fashion brands SAIbysai, Expired Citizens and RENÉE, are proudly featured in this year’s Black Voices Create program as Gushers spotlights each designer’s brand story and their unique approach to deconstructed and DIY fashion.