La vida en General Mills

Veterans help us be our best

At General Mills, we’re proud to employ and support hundreds of veterans and transitioning military members in the U.S.
Russell Holloman and Theresa Viola serving in the military

Discipline and collaboration

Imagine you sign up to serve your country at age 18. You go to boot camp and push your physical and mental limits to an extreme. You spend years on a ship. Maybe you serve in a war zone.

You come home, start a family, get deployed again. Months later, you’re back at your local grocery store, trying to readjust to an old lifestyle that’s suddenly foreign.

To many veterans, this transition back to the civilian world is no easy feat. And at the core is finding a job that fits, which can be the biggest hurdle of all.

We spoke with several veterans throughout the company to find out what made them successful in the workplace; discipline and collaboration were common themes.

Teresa Viola is based at our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She works on our supply chain team, using her experience from the U.S. Navy. Hear from her in this video.