When less is more

There are some things we’re doing less of at General Mills.
less is more

Doing less

It’s natural to talk about how we’re all doing more: innovating more, making more investments, having more to say in more areas of expertise. But while at the Aspen Ideas Festival earlier this summer, I was challenged to share where General Mills is doing less.

It made me think.

Many of the things we’re doing less of are just as important as – or more important than – the things we’re doing more of.

Here are the top five things I’m proud to say General Mills is doing less of today.

1. We’re controlling the land less (and letting it do what it does best)

We’re advancing the use of regenerative agriculture practices on one million acres of land by 2030 – which means helping farmland return to how Mother Nature intended: less chemicals and less human disruption to the soil.

We believe this will go beyond sustaining the earth and actually help restore it. Regenerative agriculture also shows promise on slowing – and even reversing – climate change by pulling carbon from the air and keeping it in the soil where it belongs, nourishing a network of life.