The Monsters want to see how you #MonsterMashRemix

For the scariest of super fans, Friday, Oct. 13 gets even spookier as limited-edition Monsters Cereal merch drops at
Carmella Creeper jamming to music with her headphones on

Monsters Cereals are back! And with help from a new monster, DJ @carmella creeper, the crew has dropped the song of the season: “Monster Mash Remix.”

Like any modern-day artist, Carmella released the new track on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, and has asked fans to share their scary-good dance moves on TikTok with #MonsterMashRemix.  

“The goal is to mirror the way we see any new song gain traction today,” says Mindy Murray, brand experience director for General Mills’ Morning Foods. “We’re so excited to have Carmella bring a new, edgy sound to our Monsters for the season, and to expand our reach with something so danceable it can’t help but have a following on TikTok.” 

@HappyKelli was one of the first to take on the dance challenge, and even showed off her Carmella-inspired style as she moved to the beat.  

Not to worry – fans can get their hands on their own Monsters merch later this week on the spookiest day of the year – Friday, Oct. 13 – at

And you can enjoy all six Monsters – Carmella Creeper, Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, Yummy Mummy and Franken Berry – in your cereal bowl with the Monster Mash Remix Cereal as a fresh take on the previous limited-edition 50th anniversary mash-up cereal.