Yoplait is spreading positivity, one lid at a time

Through heartfelt compliments, special-edition packaging, and a meaningful partnership, Yoplait is making a tangible difference in the lives of women, one yogurt lid at a time.
Yoplait it Forward

In a world where self-doubt can creep in, Yoplait is here to spread some much-needed positivity through their latest campaign, Yoplait It Forward. This year's campaign focuses on boosting confidence in women of all ages through the sharing of compliments, encouraging consumers to Yoplait It Forward.

Greeting Women with Positivity

Yoplait fans can find the flavors they know and love with special-edition lids adorning over 120 unique compliments on shelves through March 2024. From empowering affirmations like “Your confidence inspires everyone,” to heartfelt declarations such as “You radiate joy,” each compliment transforms every interaction with Yoplait into more than just a delicious treat; it becomes a beacon of positivity illuminating their day.

But the positivity doesn't stop there. Yoplait is encouraging women to spread the good vibes by sharing the compliments they find on their yogurt lids, creating a wave of encouragement that can brighten someone’s day.

A Gift of Confidence

As part of the Yoplait It Forward campaign, consumers can claim two free compliment rings, one for themselves and one to share with someone special — with the purchase of $10 of Yoplait products in a single transaction. These engraved silicone rings are more than just accessories, they’re reminders of the power of kindness and connection wherever they go. Visit to claim yours today! Terms and Conditions apply.*

Partnering with Girls Inc.

At Yoplait, empowering women isn't just a statement; it's a commitment. To build on that commitment, Yoplait has partnered with Girls Inc., an organization that understands the importance of instilling self-confidence and is dedicated to building strong, smart, and bold teen girls. Together, they're inspiring the next generation to embrace their unique qualities to reach their full potential. Because when teen girls believe in themselves, anything is possible.

We invite women everywhere to join the Yoplait It Forward movement. Whether it's sharing a compliment, claiming your free rings or supporting local organizations, every action counts. Together, we can make the world a brighter, more confident place, one Yoplait lid at a time.

*Offer terms: Earn two free silicone rings with the purchase of $10 in Yoplait products in a single transaction. Limit two redemptions per household/one per receipt. Must purchase by 11:59 PM ET on 3/20/24.