ene. 06, 2021
News Release

Nature Valley collaborates with Daveed Diggs to remake “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” to celebrate restoring access to 10,000 miles of national park trails

Grammy and Tony Award Winner Daveed Diggs performs the inspirational anthem, reminding people to get outdoors and enjoy nature.
nature valley

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - Nature Valley and the National Park Foundation (NPF) announced today the completion of a three-year project to restore access to 10,000 miles of national park trails. To celebrate the occasion, Nature Valley has remade the undeniably infectious 80’s hit song, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers and partnered with Grammy and Tony Award-winning music talent Daveed Diggs to perform the anthem.

The 2021 remake of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” pays homage to Nature Valley’s impact by rewriting the lyrics to proudly exclaim: But we restored 10,000 miles, and we’ll restore 10,000 more. Nature Valley made these trails accessible so go explore. The remake is meant to encourage people to get outdoors and explore while also serving as Nature Valley’s rallying call to restore access to more miles.

“I love spending time in the outdoors so when Nature Valley approached me to remake this catchy tune as a fun way to encourage people go outside, I jumped at the chance,” said Diggs. “I love to visit our national parks, so I hope this leads to more people safely hitting the trails this year.”

Nature Valley believes that nature brings out the best in all of us and everyone should be able to access and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of nature, which is why the brand is extending its partnership with the National Park Foundation for an additional three years. With the first chapter complete, Nature Valley has committed an additional $3 million to restore access to 10,000 more miles of trails and to support outdoor exploration grants.