ago. 25, 2022
News Release

New survey reveals parents concerned about ability to provide a "healthy" breakfast due to inflation and rising cost of groceries

General Mills' Ce[Real] Deal campaign partners with registered dietitians to sing along on why cereal is the 'real deal,' and showcase how nutritious food doesn't have to come with a high price tag.
Kids eating breakfast at the table

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Back-to-school season brings relief for many parents, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming, especially when it comes to hectic morning routines and ensuring kids get good nutrition, at a price families can afford. According to a new survey commissioned by General Mills Big G Cereals, 75% of parents worry their child is not getting enough of the nutrients they need1, and 65% are concerned about their ability to provide a “healthy” breakfast due to inflation and rising grocery costs.2

With families across the country feeling the impact of inflation, the need for easy breakfast options that provide good nutrition at an accessible price is critical. In fact, more than half of parents (52%) surveyed said they believe only families who have higher incomes can afford to provide nutritious food options for their family and they are uncertain about how to easily introduce more nutrients into their child’s diet. 

The good news is more than three in four parents (77%) whose child eats cereal agree that cereal — a pantry staple that packs a one-two punch of nutrition and affordability — is one of their child’s favorite foods. Nutrition research shows that, when compared to non-cereal eaters, people who eat cereal tend to take in more calcium, vitamin D and fiber3, which are three priority nutrients that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans say most people don’t get enough of.4 And, on average, a bowl of General Mills Big G cereal with milk costs about 50 cents per serving.5  

“Parents can feel relief knowing that a nutritious breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank,” said Amy Cohn, Registered Dietitian and Senior Nutrition Manager at General Mills. “The simple act of providing kids with cereal for breakfast is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a nutritious choice for your child.” 
While 50% of parents whose child eats cereal say they feel they’re not providing the most nutritious option for breakfast with cereal, parents may be surprised to find it’s a nutritious way to start the day. “Many cereals deliver whole grain, fiber, vitamins, and minerals all in one bowl, which are not always easy to find in other breakfast choices,” said Cohn.

To help parents hit the snooze button on pressures that come with providing nutritious breakfasts for their kids, General Mills Big G Cereals has teamed up with a group of registered dietitians to highlight the role cereal can play as a morning shortcut that doesn’t shortchange on nutrition. With danceable, sing-along content on social media featuring a new ‘Ce[Real] Deal’ song (#ceREALdeal), the registered dietitians are encouraging parents to embrace cereal as the pantry staple that delivers real nutrition their kids will enjoy, all at an accessible price.

“As a mom and registered dietitian, I’m on a mission to help alleviate the guilt that parents feel when it comes to feeding their kids well,” said Nicole Rodriguez, RDN, NASM-CPT and founder of Enjoy Food. Enjoy Life. who is partnering with General Mills Big G Cereal on the Ce[Real] Deal campaign. “The truth is, you don’t need to choose between ‘easy’ and ‘nutritious’ when it comes to giving your kids a breakfast they’ll love. Cereal truly is the real deal in delivering the delicious and affordable nutrition that kids will happily eat.”

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