Lucky Charms fans unlock Just Magical Marshmallows

Thanks to the help of fans, Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows appear on store shelves for a limited time.
Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows

Bringing back the magic

Earlier this month, Lucky Charms’ marshmallow charms were mysteriously losing their magic.

And the only hope in restoring them was through the Special Lucky Charms song.

Thankfully, families across the U.S., helped revive the magic of the charms.

Little did they know, their sound was so powerful, it unlocked a magical force never seen before – Just Magical Marshmallows!

That’s right – for the first time ever, Lucky Charms fans can purchase a pouch of magically delicious Just Magical Marshmallows.

“Lucky Charms fans have been asking for this for years,” says Jessica TeBrake, assistant manager, Brand Experience for Lucky Charms. “They’ve had the opportunity to win Lucky Charms Marshmallow–Only boxes in the past, but now have the ability to purchase the Just Magical Marshmallows. We hope it brings a little bit of magic and joy to their day.”

The special 6 oz. pouch features all eight of your favorite charms and is currently available for a limited time, while supplies last, at select retailers nationwide.