La vida en General Mills

The people behind the food at General Mills

Get to know the people behind our brands and discover what a career in manufacturing is like at General Mills.
Two female manufacturing employees smiling at the camera

The people behind our products

Ever wonder how we make our delicious cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or high-quality Blue Buffalo pet food?  

Our purpose is to make food the world loves, and our manufacturing employees are at the heart of this work. 

Our dedicated manufacturing team of ~9,000 North America employees across our 20+ plant locations make a difference every day by producing a wide variety of products ranging from cereal and snacks to desserts and pet food, for consumers around the world.  

When you join a manufacturing team at General Mills, you join a family. 

While each of our plant locations are unique, they all foster a family environment and culture of belonging that empowers growth and development. 

There’s a strong sense of pride, passion and comradery that comes with working at our manufacturing plants. Having the opportunity to collaborate, solve challenges, and see the fruits of your labor as a product comes to life and rolls off the production line, are a few reasons this career is so rewarding.   

See how team members across our plants are helping build our brands through manufacturing careers at General Mills.