Oui by Yoplait launches heritage collection

Fans of Oui by Yoplait love the French style yogurt. And they also love the glass pots it comes in.


An eye for design

From the moment the brand launched, in 2017, they’ve been popular for various uses, including for crafts.

And over the last few months, as families looked for things to do while staying safe at home, that popularity has spiked.

“We know that many people who enjoy Oui also love to upcycle the glass pots and as people have been spending more time at home in recent months, we’ve seen an uptick in online searches related to crafts using Oui pots,” says Kelli Vander Tuig, assistant manager, Brand Experience, Oui by Yoplait.

So the Oui team has developed something that will make the crafters happy, as well as anyone with an eye for design.

Three glass pots with French-inspired designs are now available for a limited time.

It’s the brand’s “Heritage Collection.”

“We took inspiration from French culture, architecture and design to influence the patterns,” says Vander Tuig.

Each pot is inspired by a different aspect of French heritage:

  • French Chic features stripes that come from the nautical culture of Northern France and have since become a style icon around the world.
  • French Countryside features a pattern from what you might find in a farmhouse kitchen somewhere in the lavender fields of Provence.
  • French Modern inspired by Art Deco, the world-renowned visual style that first appeared in France in the early 1900s.

Heritage Workshops

To highlight the designs, Oui will team up with design expert Bobby Berk for a four-part “Heritage Workshop” video series on social media, starting on Bastille Day, July 14. It will be featured on his Instagram account (@Bobby) as well as on @OuiByYoplait.

The series will continue each Tuesday, through August 4, with three other notable designers and crafting pros, showcasing a unique DIY project that repurposes the glass pots from Oui’s Heritage Collection.

“The décor of your everyday space is important and transforming it can be as easy as crafting tea candles or plant holders with these adorable glass pots from Oui by Yoplait’s Heritage Collection,” says Berk. “You’ll be amazed at how a few easy-to-make projects can add a French-inspired flair to your living space, transforming your room and improving your mood.”

The three limited-edition designs on Oui glass pots will be in stores while supplies last.

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