Annie's Super! Mac is mightier by the mouthful

Annie’s has recently welcomed Super! Mac to their lineup — the only protein mac and cheese made with certified organic pasta on the market containing 15g of protein and 6g of fiber per serving.
Box of Annie's Super! Mac next to a bowl of macaroni and cheese

In a world where hectic schedules often dictate our meals, finding a balance between convenience and nutrition can feel like a compromise. Enter Annie's Super! Mac — the ultimate weeknight solution that delivers all the cheesy goodness your family loves, now with an extra boost of nutrition and ready in under 10 minutes.

The Need for Innovation

The creation of Annie's Super! Mac wasn't just about crafting another mac and cheese. It was about reimagining a beloved classic to meet the demands of today's health-conscious consumers.

“We heard from parents that they were seeking more protein in their kids’ diets,” said Kristi Tallerico, Annie’s Sr. R&D Food Scientist. “Through extensive consumer research, we identified a need for options that kept kids fuller longer and more satisfied.”

Thus, our R&D journey began with the goal to amplify the nutritional profile of our family-favorite Annie’s Mac without compromising on taste.